What the &*()*& is Canada Dry?

Finally at the hotel and in the room, but it would be REAL nice to have a glass of Diet Canada Dry, my favourite. Well, after some looking, maybe it will have to be some US diet ginger ale.

San Diego MarriottGood luck! Not only had nobody ever heard of Canada Dry, but ginger ale is next to impossible to come by. It would appear that Coke and Pepsi have made exclusive deals not only with the hotels (and airlines) but also with the stores such as Sears, etc. Only their products are stocked and sold.

We will see as we proceed, but it appears that the land of the free are only free to buy what the local monopoly tells them they can buy. Canadians have MUCH great product selection in this type thing in most venues. This was a shock…

The hotel, on the other hand, was lovely – beautiful room, picturesque outdoor pool and nice view.


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