Writing in a different way

Those of you who have checked in the last day or so may have noticed that the blog has been bereft of new posts. True enough, but I have not been idle! I have been writing in a different way, appropriate the Topic area of this post.

I have writing using the medium as opposed to the message, researching and implementing extensions (functional nuances) to the blog presentation form. Some are fairly obvious (sidebar RSS news headline feeds from OldTruth.org, Southern Baptist News, and Slashdot.org, neat new real time Global Site Map and Last Article in each Topic area under Site Information, menu refinements, and such) and some are more behind the scenes. A couple more are still in the works. Some worked well and stayed, while others didn’t fit and were not kept.

It is indeed (again back to Mr M) another type of ‘statement’, not to mention fun in an obsessive way.

Nonetheless, I hope that you find the enhancements useful and enjoyable, or least not annoying. Back to real posting shortly I hope.


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