Ya drive on what side in this foreign country?

So there we are scooting about in Laurel Canyon. Streets about 2 cars wide, house built into the sides of the steep hills and cars parked sideway in the 5 foot space between the bottom of the houses and the sides of the street. Then there are the locals that like to whiz arounds these snaking streets at night at breakneck speed. All very disconcerting as you drive and argue about which street goes out of here.

So we are doing just that and we finally get back to Laurel Canyon drive and think “whew, out of the woods now!”. Think again folks. YIKES!

Adding to the mix is that guys coming the other way don’t even bat an eye at us and just proceed as if we are normal. I quickly see and opening to get back and whip across into the correct side feeling lucky to be still driving.

We proceed back to the Century Wilshire, having had too much adventure for tonight…

We are prceeding down Laurel Canyon Drive and there is there indeteriminate Y in the road. We take the left fork only to figure out that it is really a split into a divided road (no signs that we saw) and now we are on THE WRONg SIDE!!


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