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Latest Posts on a Few Topics

  • Confusion of Focus

    Confusion of Focus

    A good friend, who follows my blogging drivel, dropped me an email one day that got me to thinking (yes, I know that is a shocking revelation). He commented that a certain situation that he was aware of was, in his words, “figuring in your rants”. He was correct, but what it made me think […]Read More »
  • Irritated by the Beloved

    Irritated by the Beloved

    Assuming that you are are believer, then you are living in the Beloved – marked by God before creation, saved through Christ, changed, inhabited and directed by the Spirit, and His into eternity no matter what. More significantly for today’s post, you are in all of this with a lot of brothers and sisters in […]Read More »
  • Listen here, Elvis has left the building…

    Listen here, Elvis has left the building…

    It is amazing how some people can’t take a hint graciously, no matter how clearly and politely it is delivered. I held a post on a volunteer (let’s say that again loudly, VOLUNTEER) board of directors for a few years, quite some time ago. It lead to an interesting observation that I think has wider […]Read More »
  • Keep Your Greek – Book Review

    Keep Your Greek – Book Review

    So, you maybe know a usable amount, or a lot, of NT Greek. You did the basic grammar courses, added a syntax and exegesis course, and maybe a related preaching or teaching course. Lots of sweat and a little inspiration. And voila, usable Koine Greek (hopefully). We all agree that this is invaluable if not […]Read More »
  • Classic Swing with Nils and Bianca

    Classic Swing with Nils and Bianca

    A nice Lindy Hop clip from a few years ago.  Read More »