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Latest Posts on a Few Topics

  • Yikes…no internet!

    Yikes…no internet!

    Well, it had to happen. As a commercial user my internet connection is Very stable. Nonetheless, when Murphy paid a visit today to a major upstream link, viola, no net. Way back I read in a newspaper (remember those?) about CrackBerry addiction, it is interesting how totally dependent I am on net access for everyday […]Read More »
  • Provocative but interesting (and surprising)…

    Provocative but interesting (and surprising)…

    ...crime and associated legislation ... the feelings in society are out of sync with the law more than might be apparent on the surface.Read More »
  • Good East Coast Swing demo

    Good East Coast Swing demo

  • Swing Jack and Jill Draw

    Swing Jack and Jill Draw

    These dancers are not choreographed. Partners are drawn at random for the Jack & Jill dances.Read More »
  • Truly, ya’ have ta’ wonder…

    Truly, ya’ have ta’ wonder…

    This is moldy old post but I think the point is still relevant in many places… On the side of things that just make you shake your head was a discovery I made in the main cafeteria at Algonquin one day. When I told other inmates of the place about it they were either incredulous […]Read More »